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We work with authors to run fundraising drives and events for charities of their choice. Fans participate in these drives, giving them the opportunity both to become involved in charities their favorite authors support and to win some amazing prizes.

Altered Perceptions Price Reduction

Price reduced! Now you can get Altered Perceptions at a lower price than ever before. Best of all, we’re still donating 90% of the proceeds from sales to Bring Change 2 Mind, a charity that works to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. All of us know someone who suffers from mental illness. Maybe it’s your mother; maybe it’s your… Read more →

Altered Perceptions sales to benefit mental health awareness

Waygate supports Mental Health Awareness Month by donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of Altered Perceptions during May! May is Mental Health Awareness Month. All of us know someone who suffers from mental illness. Maybe it’s your mother; maybe it’s your best friend; maybe it’s your teacher or guidance counselor or tae kwon do instructor. Maybe it’s you. Maybe… Read more →

Altered Perceptions

Ever wonder “what would have happened if…?”  This is the book for you.  Altered Perceptions is a collection of writings offering up an altered version of published stories. Thirty-one different authors (including Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, Shannon Hale, Larry Correia, Brandon Mull, and Seanan McGuire among many others) came together to make this anthology happen.… Read more →

Arm yourself for a cause!

Looking for something unique? Bid now on a one-of-a-kind set of medieval gauntlets, signed by 28 science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and editors. Waygate Foundation is auctioning off this impressive armor guaranteed to knock you off your feet. Proceeds will go to Room to Read, a charity aimed at changing the world through promoting children’s literacy and gender equality… Read more →