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Price reduced! Now you can get Altered Perceptions at a lower price than ever before. Best of all, we’re still donating 90% of the proceeds from sales to Bring Change 2 Mind, a charity that works to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

All of us know someone who suffers from mental illness. Maybe it’s your mother; maybe it’s your best friend; maybe it’s your teacher or guidance counselor or tae kwon do instructor. Maybe it’s you. Maybe you know what they suffer from; maybe you would be shocked to find out.

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Altered Perceptions is an anthology of the works of almost 30 fantastic authors put together to raise awareness around mental health. There are deleted scenes, alternate endings, original writings, and more. As great as these pieces of fiction are, their personal stories about mental illness are riveting. Their memories on paper, of them, of their loved ones, of realizations and diagnoses. Those are what make this anthology worth buying.

This is a fantastic book; not only does it deeply resonate with anyone living with mental illness (including the loved and loving ones of those who struggle against mental illness), not only does it give wonderful insight into the process of some of our favorite writers, not only does it commit itself to a profound act of charity in the truest sense, it does so while bringing together a web of lives that have been touched that show that we are not alone… that the very fabric of life and community draw us together even as our personal struggles seem to pull us apart.
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Waygate has partnered with Dan Wells and Brandon Sanderson to sell Altered Perceptions and donate 90% of the proceeds to Bring Change 2 Mind, a charity that works to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

This is a great chance to show your support of those suffering from mental illness, while getting a glimpse into the minds of your favorite authors.